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Downloadable Sketches and Scripts

To make these lessons truly dynamic, you will need a copy of The Geometer's Sketchpad on your computer. If you don't have a copy of Sketchpad on your system, you can download a demo copy from Key Curriculum Press.

Note:These sketches were all made with Sketchpad version 3. Some features may be lost when the sketches are opened with version 4 or later. The Binary Broccoli Tree and Dynamic Broccoli Tree files are scripts (.gss) and can only be read by Sketchpad version 3.

Once you have Sketchpad loaded, you can set it up as a Helper Application. This means that you will be able to launch Sketchpad directly from your Web browser and view these sketches on the spot.

You can also download all sketches together in a single archive:

Download: Sketches (Mac)

All of the sketches in Mac format

Download: Sketches (Windows)

All of the sketches in PC format

Download: Morphing Experiment

Download: Binary Broccoli Tree

Download: Dynamic Broccoli Tree

Download: Nathan's Windmill

Download: Stereo Icosahedron

Download: Ptolemy vs. Copernicus

Download: Kristin's Ferris Wheel

Download: Bicubic Bezier Patch (3D)

Download: Bezier Curve (2D)

Download: Sunrise over Nick

Download: Generalized Ferris Wheel

Download: Dynamic Drawing Worlds

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