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JavaSketchpad (JSP) is software that lets you interact with—or publish—sketches from The Geometer's Sketchpad on the Internet. These links give basic and in-depth information about JavaSketchpad, including how to use and produce JavaSketches.

About JavaSketchpad

Basic information and frequently asked questions about JavaSketchpad.


A collection of interactive JavaSketches, illustrating various JavaSketchpad capabilities.

Download Center

Links for downloading the software needed to create your own JavaSketches and to convert existing Sketchpad sketches to Web pages.

JSP Workarounds

Not all of the features of The Geometer's Sketchpad are supported in JavaSketchpad (JSP). This page describes workarounds to overcome some of these differences.

Developer's Grammar

Describes the language with which Web pages communicate geometric constructions to JavaSketchpad (JSP). Useful for people who write their own JavaSketchpad pages, or who create programs that read or write JavaSketchpad Web pages.


Links to creative examples of JavaSketchpad in use around the world.