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Many of these sites include Sketchpad documents that you can download. Unless otherwise noted, all documents are for Sketchpad 4. Click here for instructions on how to configure your Web browser so that it automatically starts Sketchpad when you download a sketch.

Classroom Activities

Classroom activities developed by McGraw-Hill and our research associates can be found at the classroom activities page. The activities listed here are all by other Sketchpad users.

  • Harper, Suzanne et al. The Geometer's Sketchpad Activities. Polished middle and secondary-level classroom project activities assuming little previous familiarity with Sketchpad 4. From the Center for Technology and Teacher Education at the University of Virginia.

  • Math Tools at the Math Forum. A community library of technology tools, lessons, activities, and support materials for teaching and learning mathematics. Sketchpad is one of the featured technology types to search on.

  • PRISM-NEO. Dozens of polished downloadable Sketchpad activities for home or school use by students in grades 6–8, created by the PRISM-NEO initiative funded by the Ontario Ministry of Education. Activities are sorted by grade level, topic, and complexity, and include sketches, PDFs containing activity lesson plan descriptions, example QuickTime movies, and other related resources.

  • SketchMad. A support center for Ontario teachers using The Geometer's Sketchpad, with tips on getting started, stories from the classroom, activities and lesson plans, and a collection of pre-made sketches.

  • Weeks, Audrey. Calculus in Motion and Algebra in Motion. Commercially available supplemental curriculum for working with Sketchpad in calculus and algebra classes. Includes numerous Sketchpad animations of practice problems, conceptual demonstrations, and AP Calculus free response questions.

    Geometry: Explorations

    • Bergmann Jensen, Allan. Symmetries, Patterns, and Tessellations Constructed with The Geometer's Sketchpad. An introduction to formal definitions of symmetry groups, with many sketches and a comprehensive set of reference links (in Danish and English).

    • Flores, Alfinio. Rhythmic Approach to Geometry. A site illustrating the author's paper submitted to Teaching Mathematics in the Middle School (JavaSketchpad).

    • Jackiw, Nicholas. The Geometry of Computer Graphics. An online version of a paper presented at the National Conference on Inquiry-Based Geometry Throughout the Secondary Curriculum at St. Olaf College, June 1997.

    • Kimberling, Clark. Triangle Centers. A Sketchpad-illustrated site defining hundreds of interesting points associated with triangles.

    • Kunkel, Paul. Kunkel's Mathematics Lessons. Some very accessible Sketchpad 3 and Sketchpad 4 investigations of a variety of rich topics, including geometric probability, projective geometry, and loci construction.

    • Learning & Performance Support Laboratory at the University of Georgia. InterMath. A project focused on strengthening and supporting middle school teachers' knowledge and understanding of math through technology such as Sketchpad.

    • Math Forum. Math Forum Sketchpad Guide. Includes guided tours, sample activities, assessment quizzes, notes from User Groups and other meetings, and a large collection of sketches.

    • Rice University School Mathematics Project. Geometry Module. A teacher training module developed with funding from the Texas Education Agency that includes a Sketchpad tutorial and is keyed to both TExES Mathematics Competencies and NCLB definitions.

    • Sigur, Steven. Triangle Geometry. A treasure trove of startling triangle results, including many original findings. Richly described and beautifully illustrated with Sketchpad and Adobe Illustrator.

      Geometry: Constructions

      • Atomic Learning. Geometer's Sketchpad Tutorials. Sixty-five one- to three-minute QuickTime movies demonstrating basic Sketchpad use, with emphasis on geometric constructions.

      • Chuan, et al. Geometric Construction. A collection of advanced constructions, construction challenges, and exercises, with downloadable sketches and JavaSketchpad illustrations.

      • Dabbs, Mark. Mechanical Linkages. A number of classic linkages and a few of the author's own constructions.

      • Detchkov, Lyubomir. System of Two Equations Solver. Sketch with tools for solving systems of two equations, making use of the terminal point of an iteration.

      • Hayashi, Ko, Michael Huberty, and Chia Vang. A Slice of Pi. Sketches and commentary demonstrating how pi has been computed throughout history.

      • Streilein, Trudy. Geometry Constructions. Instructions for several fundamental constructions, and their proofs.

        Beyond Geometry

        • Burchell, Nate. Geometer's Sketchpad Files. Downloadable sketches demonstrating concepts from algebra, trigonometry, calculus, and statistics. These sketches are explained well and could be used for in-class presentations or activities.

        • Fathom Project. Sketches for Statistics. Includes sketches developed to prototype new software for exploring statistical concepts dynamically (for Sketchpad Version 3 or Version 4).

        • Jackiw, Nicholas. "Visualizing Complex Functions with The Geometer's Sketchpad." Read an on-line version or download a PDF version of the paper that accompanied this lecture at the 6th International Conference on Technology in Mathematics Teaching (Volos, Greece, October 2003).

        • Klotz, Eugene. An Introduction to Vectors. One of the earliest examples of Web-based curriculum.

        • Polk, Susan. Sketchpad Sketches. Collection of sketches for use in middle school, algebra I, geometry, and algebra II.

        • Weeks, Audrey. Calculus in Motion. Commercially available supplemental curriculum for working with Sketchpad 4 in calculus class. Includes numerous Sketchpad animations of practice problems, conceptual demonstrations, and AP Calculus free response questions.

        • Wilkin, Jon. Visualization of Algebra, Trigonometry, and Calculus Problems. Sketchpad 4 presentation sketches and descriptions on a variety of topics.


          • JavaSketchpad Links. Examples of various uses of JavaSketchpad in both learning and electronic publishing contexts.

          • Dye, Bryan. MathsNet JavaSketchpad pages. Dozens of useful definitions, explanations, and investigations and constructions superbly illustrated with JavaSketchpad. Part of a larger UK site of interest to mathematics educators.

          • Jackiw, Nicholas. JavaSketchpad. Contains prototype software that allows Sketchpad-created JavaSketches to be manipulated directly inside a Web browser (no additional software required).

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