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JavaSketchpad Download Center

In order to publish JavaSketches, you'll need a copy of the applet (to store on your Web server).

If you already have The Geometer's Sketchpad version 5, you already have the most recent version of the applet (version 5). The applet is exported by default whenever you save a file as HTML.

If you are interested in using JavaSketchpad (JSP) without using The Geometer's Sketchpad, you can download the applet here. Before downloading, you may want to review the pages How JavaSketchpad Works and How to Create and Publish JavaSketches.

Download the JavaSketchpad Applet

If you don't use Sketchpad version 5, you may download the JavaSketchpad applet, as described below:

  • Version 5.01 JavaSketchpad Applet: This archive contains the JSP applet that enables your Web server to support JavaSketchpad. Store the entire JSP applet in the directory on your Web server in which you store your Web pages.

JSP Legal Notices

You have permission to use this software to create and publish Web pages containing JavaSketches provided you do so for non-profit purposes only and provided you neither place restrictions on, nor charge a fee for, access to your pages. Other licensing terms are available; contact McGraw-Hill Education for details.

JSP Technical Support

Technical support for JavaSketchpad is available from McGraw-Hill Education only to registered users of The Geometer's Sketchpad.