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The Geometry of Computer Graphics

Proceedings of the 1997 St. Olaf Geometry Conference

Nicholas Jackiw[1]

Key Curriculum Press
August 1997


The recent field of computer graphics nicely merges many elegant and simple geometric ideas with concerns about function, realism, and aesthetics. In so doing, it provides a stimulating context for exploring many traditional topics of an introductory geometry course. In this paper, which is based on my after-dinner presentation at the St. Olaf conference, I develop a number of problems and activities drawn from the field of computer graphics, and illustrate them with dynamic sketches from The Geometer's Sketchpad.

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[1] Portions of the work described in this paper were funded under National Science Foundation grants DMI-9660861 and DMI-9623018. Thanks and a tip of the hat to Shari Horne for constructing the Web version of this paper!