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JSP Authoring

  • JSP Introduction

    Michael E. Mays' excellent introduction to the how and why of JSP, from the Journal of Online Mathematics and its Applications [USA].
  • Calculus Activities, Sketches, Applets, Descriptions

    Charles E. Oelsner's calculus activities, sketches, applets, and step-by-step descriptions of authoring the applets. The applets illustrate features that are new to JSP4, features available to JSP but not GSP, and workarounds to accomplish constructions, such as graphs of functions, that are supported by GSP but not directly available in JSP [USA].
  • JavaSketchpad Publishing Tutorial

    JavaSketchpad publishing tutorial: A (Math Forum-based) workshop on creating your own JavaSketches [USA].
  • JSPGenerator

    Hans Klein's JSPGenerator, described on JSP Linked to Other Software [Nederlands].
  • Einführung von JavaSketchPad

    Peter Starfinger's online workshop Einf├╝hrung von JavaSketchPad, including a German-language translation of the JSP Construction Grammar [Germany; in German].
  • Symbolic JSP

    Michael Rundel and Digiphilia's SymbolicJSP, a Web service that allows rapid prototyping of JSP constructions as well as the use of symbolically named objects and colors [Austria].
  • Troubleshooting Guide

    Paul Kunkel's "advanced JSP" troubleshooting guide [USA/Hong Kong].
  • GSP/JSP Compatibility Guide

    Sebastian Lisken's GSP/JSP Compatibility Guide [Finland/Germany].
  • Collection of Workarounds

    KCP Technologies' collection of workarounds [Sketchpad Resource Center].