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Interactive Courseware Materials

  • Geometry in Two and Three Dimensions

    Susan Addington's electronically annotated syllabus for the Geometry in Two and Three Dimensions course at California State University, San Bernadino [USA].
  • Investigations in Geometry

    Jim Morrow's Investigations in Geometry, derived from his interactive course Web site for an Introduction to Geometry seminar [USA].
  • French JSP Pages

    Lycée de Vienne Saint Romain en Gal's JSP pages, which provide interactive illustrations and descriptions for an on-line geometry course complete with presentations, activities, questions, homework, and evaluation rubrics [France; in French].
  • Dynamic Mathematics

    Pao-Ping Lin's Dynamic Mathematics, a rich collection of applet studies around the Pythagorean theorem, multiple representations, dihedral groups, and the groups of rigid transformations of a cube [Taiwan].