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Version 5.04 Release Notes

New Functionality:

Sketchpad supports SMART Board color choices for ink by means of pens or buttons. The Windows version also supports multi-touch on newer SMART Boards that incorporate the required hardware. Multi-touch allows multiple users to drag objects simultaneously.

Drag or flick the value of a boxed parameter. Press inside the edit box and drag or flick up or down to adjust. The parameter changes by the Keyboard Adjustment value, and continues to change while you keep the button down. For faster adjustments, drag farther up or down; for slower adjustments, drag closer to the edit box you are adjusting. You can use this method whether the parameter is selected or not, provided you have not already begun to edit the number in the edit box.

Sketchpad Explorer for the iPad is now available in the iPad App Store, here

Sketchpad Explorer allows you to explore any sketch created by Sketchpad itself. You can explore sketches on the web, sketches you receive by email, or sketches you create yourself (by dragging them into Sketchpad Explorer's documents list on the iTunes Apps page).

Bug Fixes:

Rounding errors no longer occur when measuring right angles in degrees.

(Macintosh) Improved support for "Restore windows when quitting and re-opening apps" feature of Mac OS X 10.7 Lion.

(Macintosh) Preference colors no longer degrade over time as preference settings are changed.

(Windows) Sketchpad no longer crashes when attempting to Print to PDF using Adobe Acrobat X.

(Windows) Transparent areas of certain Windows picture formats no longer import as black.

(Windows) Sketchpad no longer crashes after revisiting Preferences and choosing Change Individual Styles on the Text panel.