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Version 5.01 Release Notes

New Functionality:

  • Pictures inserted as Hot Text in captions now appear by default as icons, rather than only with plaintext descriptions.
  • Sample Sketches and SLL activity browsing now use an improved Remote Document Browser.
  • The Tab key now advances from one active parameter edit box to the next; or from one selected object to the next similar object.
  • The Enter or Return key now “presses” a single selected Action Button.

Bug Fixes:

  • Coinciding objects are no longer auto-dashed unless they fully coincide with and extend beyond your newly constructed object.
  • Hot Text captions existence now depends not only on the existence of the Hot Text-linked objects, but also on the type of links.
  • Hot Text captions now restore with the same line wrapping as they were saved, where possible.
  • A copied Hot Text link to a function’s defining expression no longer appears blank when pasted into a new caption.
  • Single line captions are now more resistant to overflowing into two lines on minor changes.
  • With all fonts, characters are within caption boundaries and selection always highlights the correct character.
  • Parameters in edit boxes can now have their value changed even when the parameter itself is marked as not Arrow Selectable in Properties.
  • Items listed in the Remote Document Browser window now have icons to indicate if they are folders, Sketchpad sketches or other documents.
  • The Remote Document Browser window now allows selection and opening of multiple items.
  • Pictures with partly-translucent internal areas are now easier to select with an Arrow Tool.
  • Copy and paste (or drag and drop) of pictures containing partial transparency now correctly preserves that transparency, rather than occasionally turning it black.
  • New Custom Transformed Pictures are never created with more samples than there are pixels in their pre-image picture.
  • Links in the Object Properties dialog now provide proper feedback on mouseover and mouse click.
  • Custom transformed images are now labeled like built-in transformed images.
  • Polygons newly created with the Polygon Tool no longer change color unexpectedly when points or parameters are randomly animating.
  • New tickmarks made by the Marker Tool now always have a single stroke by default.
  • Command-line registration now supports optional -all_users_only or -current_user_only flags
  • The "Purchase Information" dialog (available in the Help menu when using an unregistered version of Sketchpad) now allows “Cancel” to continue running Sketchpad, rather than quitting.
  • The License Info dialog now displays the license name correctly.
  • Sketchpad no longer occasionally crashes when creating segments beginning on certain points.
  • The "Save As" dialog is no longer confused when saving previously unsaved documents with document names containing a space.
  • (Macintosh) Sketchpad no longer crashes on repeated, fast clicking of the "All Steps" button in a Script View window.
  • (Macintosh) The Enter key acts to confirm dialogs just like the Return key.
  • (Macintosh) URLs containing “%” are now handled correctly.
  • Browsers now successfully open JavaSketches that use animation buttons to move points along loci or function plots.
  • (Macintosh) New interiors are colored by properly choosing colors randomly from all available colors.
  • (Macintosh) Long downloads no longer cause the clock cursor to be sticky – after the download ends the correct cursor is restored.
  • (Macintosh) Navigating a new Remote Document Browser will reset the selected item to the first item.
  • (Windows) Calculator's OK button now correctly enables after tab completion.
  • (Windows) Calculator typing window no longer takes the background color of the sketch you are in – thereby making typing on black backgrounds visible.
  • (Windows) Sketchpad will no longer crash on launch in the presence of certain buggy OpenGL device drivers.
  • (Windows) Script view for large scripts is now more responsive.
  • (Windows) There is no longer a overly-thick edit box around parameters.
  • (Windows) The Text Style Palette no longer gets confused between font names beginning with the same word.
  • (Windows) The License Info dialog now displays license names up to 60 characters.

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