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Version 4.07 Release Notes

New Functionality:

  • Web links to the Sketchpad Resource Center, information about Add-On Curriculum Modules, and the standard Sketchpad Sample documents are now all available from the Help menu.
  • (Mac OS X) Sketchpad is now a Universal Binary application for native performance on both Intel and PowerPC architectures.

New Sample Document:

  • Samples | Sketches | Geometry | Tessellations.gsp

Revised Sample Documents:

  • Samples | Custom Tools | Sliders.gsp (added Basic 0..1 Slider)

Bug Fixes:

  • Hidden merged text no longer fails to update to current values on first being shown.
  • Copying/Pasting a Link action button within the same document no longer breaks the link.
  • Numerical accuracy is improved when initially drawing objects with Snap Points or the Shift key in effect.
  • Various problems in which font styles and sizes changed unpredictably while editing captions have been fixed.
  • (Windows) Sketchpad no longer consumes 100% of available CPU idle time when animating or editing a caption.
  • (Windows) Images copied from Sketchpad and pasted into other applications now more often appear with their original dimensions intact.
  • (Windows) TabletPC press-and-hold gesture no longer conflicts with Sketchpad's Toolbox menus.
  • (Macintosh) Large nested parentheses in mathematical expressions no longer occasionally fail to print.
  • (Macintosh) Printing now respects a custom page range chosen in the Print dialog box.
  • (Macintosh) Safari no longer crashes when Searching in Sketchpad Help.
  • Many lesser issues fixed.

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