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Version 4.01 Release Notes

Incorrect printing in some circumstances of arc loci, grid lines, and traces is fixed.

Move Buttons no longer fail when the Rotate or Dilate arrow is active.

The occurrence of incorrect parentheses when displaying certain calculations is fixed.

Attempting to tabulate a function no longer causes a crash.

Tables (4.00) and File URL Prefix (Mac 4.01) are now properly located in Sketchpad Help.

Several minor corrections and improvements were made in the Sample files.

Windows: Holding + or – on an iteration or locus now updates the screen properly.

Windows: Trace fading is dramatically improved, using full-color fading.

Windows: Traces are clearer and more attractive on colored backgrounds.

Windows: Circle appearance is improved when exported via Copy/Paste.

Windows: You can now use a command line to specify an absolute path (not just a relative path) to an alternate tool folder.

Windows: The Tool Folder now supports shortcuts: The Tool Folder itself can be a shortcut, and it can contain shortcuts to sketches.

Mac OS 9: The Sketchpad Help folder can now live inside a folder containing "/" in its name.

Mac OS X: Floating palette windows now hide when switching applications or invoking dialogs.

Mac OS X: Sketchpad Help now targets the default Mac OS X browser under Mac OS X rather than a Classic browser. If you'd rather use an older browser under Classic, see System Preferences in Sketchpad Help.

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