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Is there a Mac OS X version of Sketchpad?

Yes; as of Sketchpad version 4.03 (August 2002), Sketchpad now features native support for Mac OS X. Determine which version of Sketchpad you have by looking at the title window during program startup or when you choose "About Sketchpad..." from the Apple or Help menu. If you have an older version of Sketchpad 4, you can update to the latest version here.

Sketchpad version 4.07 (or later) is recommended for use on Mac OS X for both PowerPC and Intel-based Macintoshes. This version is the first Universal Binary Sketchpad that offers native execution for both platforms. Sketchpad version 5.05 no longer supports PowerPC Macs.

If your Sketchpad CD contains only a pre-Mac OS X version of Sketchpad (4.00-4.02) and you would like to install the Mac OS X version of Sketchpad on an Mac OS X machine which does not have Classic:

  1. Insert the Sketchpad installation CD into the computer's drive.
  2. Do not run the installer. Instead, drag the Sketchpad folder onto your hard drive. (You won't be able to use this version of Sketchpad, but now there will be something for the updater to update.)
  3. Run the updater for the most recent version of Sketchpad, which is available here.