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FAQ: Starting Upgrade

I'm upgrading from Sketchpad version 3. Where should I start?

Most of your Sketchpad version 3 skills are immediately relevant in Sketchpad version 4. For a quick survey of what's new and what's different, choose What's New from the Help menu after starting Sketchpad. Follow the link called If You've Used Sketchpad 3. This Help section briefly describes some of the important new features and changes, and contains further links into the Help system for details on each of them.

We also recommend taking some time to browse the example documents that come installed with Sketchpad. (These are located in the Samples folder next to the Sketchpad application.) In particular, look for Samples | How To | HowTo_UpgradeFromV3.gsp. This document demonstrates many of the new features of Sketchpad version 4.

Finally, the program's Help system contains a full version of the Reference Manual. Consult it (by choosing items from the Help menu) when using the software and you want to know more about a particular tool, dialog box, menu command, or new program feature.