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FAQ: Versions

What is the most recent version of Sketchpad, and how do I get it?

Version 5 is the most recent major version of the desktop software, and was first released in November 2009.  Periodically minor versions are released that address compatibility issues.

I don't use Sketchpad yet. How do I acquire Version 5?

Visit Key Curriculum Press to purchase a license.

I use Sketchpad Version 4. How do I acquire Version 5?

Visit Key Curriculum Press to purchase an upgrade.

I already use Version 5. How do I make sure I have the latest update?

You can update to the latest minor version for free. The easiest way to perform an update is to choose Check for Updates from Sketchpad's Help menu (while running Sketchpad Version 5). Additionally, you can find information about the latest version of Sketchpad in the Product Updates section.  


To update on Windows, download and run the new installer and install over your previous version, typically located at Program Files/Sketchpad. To update on Macintosh, mount the disk image and drag the new application into the same location as the previous version and replace it, typically in the Applications folder. If you are an administrator updating a mass installation, simply reinstall the new version precisely the same way as you installed the previous version.

You do not need to re-register your license on the updated version. Sketchpad will re-use the license that is already registered on your computer.


I'm using Version 4 and can't upgrade yet. What's the latest update for Version 4?

4.07 was the last minor release of Version 4.  You can download an updater that will convert an earlier Version 4 Sketchpad to 4.07 here.

How do I find out about non-English versions of Sketchpad?

 Please check with our International Publishing Partners.