Report from the 2011 NCTM Annual Meeting

Indianapolis, Indiana
April 13-16, 2011

The Geometer's Sketchpad featured prominently at the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics 89th Annual Meeting in Indianapolis. User Group details and some presentation materials are given below.

Sketchpad User Group

Key Curriculum Press and KCP Technologies hosted the NCTM Technology User Group. Many Sketchpad users gave fantastic informal presentations; notes and shared documents for some of these follow. Nick Jackiw, designer of Sketchpad and Dr. Stephen Hegedus of the Kaput Center concluded the evening.

How Students Visualize Theorems?

Presenter: Micheal Bossé, East Carolina University, Greenville, NC

Telephone Dialing in Sketchpad

Presenter: Ron Lancaster, Toronto


Real Life Applications of Sketchpad

Presenter: Karim Kai Ani,


Buffon’s Needles and Planet Collisions

Presenter: P J Karafiol, Walter Payton College Prep

Materials: Karafiol_Buffon_Planets Collisions.gsp

Assessing Quadrilateral Constructions in Sketchpad

Presenters: Christina Foran and Annie Fetter, Math Forum


A Dynamic Comparison of Area and Perimeter

Presenter: Craig Cullen, Illinois State University

Modeling the Height of a Ferris Wheel using Trigonometric Transformations

Presenter: Chris Bolognese, Upper Arlington High School

Materials: Bolognese - Trig Modeling Ferris Wheel.gsp

Geometry and Calculus Activities that Encourage Multiple Perspectives

Presenter: Melissa Burkhead, Fort Worth, TX


Measuring the Wembo-Nyama Crater: Multiple Pathways to Solve One Problem

Presenter: Andreas Muller

Creating Join-the-Point Activities With GSP

Presenter: Andy Ventress

Law of Cosines

Presenter: Daniel Hall, Elmhurst, IL

Materials: Daniel_LawofCosines.gsp

Dynamic Number Activities

Presenter: Dr. John Olive, University of Georgia at Athens


Shape Maker Activities

Presenter: Dr. Michael Battista, Ohio State University

Closing Keynote

Nick Jackiw, Sketchpad's designer, ended the evening with an update on Sketchpad news featuring the availability of GSP 5.03 from the Download Center (or by choosing Check for Updates from your GSP5 Help Menu); the new Sketch Exchange and GSP5- compatible printed Curriculum Modules from Key Curriculum Press; and a sneak preview of products in the pipeline of two of our ongoing research and development efforts.