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Version 5.05 Release Notes

New Functionality:
The File menu now supports opening cloud-based documents from Sketchpad Sketch Exchange.

Sketchpad is now codesigned for Windows Authenticode and Macintosh Gatekeeper verification.

PowerPC Macintosh computers are no longer supported with this version of Sketchpad.

Bug Fixes:
Opening scripts with constructed Presentation Action Buttons from Given Action Buttons no longer causes sporadic crashes.
Chrome browsers run JavaSketches locally without giving invalid error on missing JSP jar file.
Arcs can now be dilated properly under negative scale factors.
Parametrically colored objects are now colored correctly at maximum hue values.
Parameters with value 355 are no longer surprisingly converted to 133*PI.
Status messages for the Marker Tool have been improved.
Erasing fresh ink with the Marker Tool no longer incorrectly creates angle markers or tick markers.
Measurements of straight angles are now mathematically consistent.
Angle markers on straight angles now always appear with the correct orientation.
Reflex angle markers display properly even at 360 degrees.
The cursor now correctly updates while erasing ink.

(Macintosh) Plot Properties no longer shows 500,000 samples as a suggested number of samples.
(Macintosh) Scrolling in dialog boxes now displays without screen garbage on OS X 10.7 (Lion).
(Macintosh) The Text Palette Color menu now displays properly on Retina displays.
(Macintosh) Pasting some imported digital pictures no longer crashes.
(Macintosh) Page Tabs are displayed crisply on OS X 10.7 (Lion).
(Macintosh) Copying to the clipboard on OS X 10.7.4 while Sketchpad is running in the background no longer causes sporadic crashes.

(Windows) The help button in the License Information dialog box now properly links to the license topic in the Reference Center.
(Windows) Sketchpad no longer crashes when plugging and unplugging speakers while playing sounds.
(Windows) Status line hints for the Graph menu are now correct.
(Windows) The uninstaller now recognizes pre-existing registrations even with spaces in the license name.
(Windows) Back-clicking measurements from the Calculator and other dialog boxes now works properly on all SMART Boards.