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Version 4.06 Release Notes

New Functionality:

  • (Windows and Mac OS X) The new anti-aliased graphics introduced in GSP 4.04 are now enabled, rather than disabled, by default. (This change will not affect the behavior of installations of 4.04 or 4.05, but will affect older Sketchpads and new installations on machines on which Sketchpad has not been previously used.) Anti-aliased graphics improve the appearance of Sketchpad objects, at the expense of slower operation of the program. Use the System panel of Advanced Preferences to view or change this setting. If the program speed in GSP 4.06 is notably slower than in your previous version, change the Anti-Aliased Graphics setting from "Always" either to "When Speed Permits" or to "Never," as you prefer.

Bug Fixes:

  • A point on a horizontal axis in a coordinate system now correctly considers its y-value to be +0.0 rather than –0.0. This fixes calculations such as 1/y[a] (= +infinity) and arctan (x[a]/y[a]) (= pi/2) for a = (0, 0).
  • Defining a coordinate system by measurements now correctly determines the horizontal unit scaling from the first selected measure and the vertical unit scaling from the second selected measure.
  • (Windows) Sketchpad no longer occasionally hangs with a flickering toolbox after sudden movements of the mouse wheel.
  • (Windows) The Text Palette is now disabled if there are no active sketches.
  • (Windows) Dialog items on the Move Properties, Show/Hide Properties, and Link Properties pages are no longer occasionally incorrectly enabled.
  • (Mac) The toolbox no longer occasionally displays oddly colored frames.
  • (Mac OS X) When re-saving an existing open sketch document (but not an existing HTML file or other file) with Save As, the type and creator of the file are now set.
  • (Mac OS X 10.3) Under Panther, pop-up menus no longer stick down when the mouse button is released without selecting a menu item.
  • (Mac OS X 10.3) Copying a caption of Chalkboard font and immediately creating a new caption no longer causes Sketchpad to crash.

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