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Version 4.05 Release Notes

Sketchpad Release 4.05 contains no new functionality, but addresses compatibility issues and bugs with the software and JavaSketchpad.


  • Calculations no longer sometimes display with no name immediately after their labels are changed in Properties.
  • The status line now displays up-to-date information, even during animation.
  • Loci and function plots now do a better job of detecting discontinuities, so that a plot is less likely to bridge a discontinuity.
  • Certain V3 sketches containing unsupported objects used to cause crashes when they were opened in V4. They now open successfully, though still without the unsupported objects.
  • Revised Samples | Sketches | Geometry | Dot Paper.gsp (added missing dots).
  • Function plots and loci no longer show incorrect vertical lines. These incorrect lines appeared only with high-quality anti-aliased graphics turned off.
  • The Merge Text command is no longer enabled when the selected objects include a table.
  • (Windows) After choosing from the font or font-size drop-down list while typing a caption, you no longer have to click in the caption to resume typing.
  • (Windows) Arrowheads on dashed lines now appear correctly, without dashing.
  • (Windows) The help system is now immediately available (with no need to navigate to it) when Sketchpad is run from a server.
  • (Windows) Fixed a problem in which tables copied from Sketchpad and pasted into other applications as graphics could have caused problems in those other applications.
  • (Windows) Points now print at their normal size, no matter what the printing scale is.
  • (Mac OS X) Fixed a problem in which saving a sketch to a shared folder on some other file systems (such as on a Windows server) could fail with a message that the disk is locked.
  • (Mac) Iterated arc images now appear correctly in Print Preview and when copied and pasted into other programs.
  • (Mac) Fixed occasional crashes when closing windows with the Motion Controller visible.
  • (Mac) When there are no objects selected, you can no longer use the Text Palette to type a font size or pick a color.
  • (Mac) Fixed compatibility issues anticipated in Mac OS 10.3.
  • (JavaSketchpad) Fixed a problem in which sketches containing loci of points did not display correctly using the 4.04 release of the JSP applet.
  • Other minor bugs fixed.

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