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Version 4.04 Release Notes

New Functionality:

  • Mac OS X and all Windows platforms except Win95 and NT4 now support high-resolution anti-aliased graphics as a display option. This option is not enabled by default. If you use Sketchpad on a comparatively "fast" computer, we recommend trying this option. See Help | Menu Reference | Edit Menu | Advanced Preferences | System Preferences for more information.
  • The new Label command allows you to relabel an entire group of objects at once. See Help | Menu Reference | Display Menu | Label for more information.
  • Shift+Enter now aligns a group of selected text objects (captions, measurements, parameters, calculations, functions, and action buttons) so their left edges are aligned and their vertical spacing is even. See Help | Advanced Topics | Advanced Text Topics | Aligning Text Objects for details.
  • Shift+Save As now acts as a shortcut for Save as HTML, automatically choosing the JavaSketchpad file format and automatically targeting your most recent applet save directory.
  • (Windows) You can use a command line to specify a folder for Sketchpad to use when you first open or save a sketch. See Help | Advanced Topics | Tips for Experts for details.
  • You may now construct the locus of a colorized point on a path without first having to show the colorized point's uncolorized parent.

New Sample Documents:

  • Samples | Sketches | Calculus | Integration.gsp
  • Samples | Sketches | Fun | Lifes Highway.gsp
  • Samples | Sketches | Advanced | Complex Numbers.gsp

Revised Sample Documents:

  • Samples | Sketches | Advanced | Riemann Sums.gsp (added construction advice)
  • Samples | Sketches | Advanced | Dynamical Systems.gsp (added a page on Julia sets)
  • Samples | Sketches | Investigations | Poincare.gsp (improved several hyperbolic tools)
  • Minor changes in many other samples.

Bugs Fixed:

  • (Windows) Cleaned up minor drawing glitches in Iterate dialog box.
  • (Mac OS 9) Internet Explorer problems ("No such device or address") interpreting Sketchpad URLs for Link buttons, Help, and JavaSketchpad preview have been resolved.
  • Eliminated obscure crash saving some documents containing freshly pasted pictures.
  • Symbolic derivative of arccosine is now correct.
  • (Mac OS X) Mousewheels now work again. (Mousewheel scrolls vertically; hold down Shift to scroll horizontally.)
  • Lines constructed by "Plot Measurement" in Sketchpad V3 files now open properly in V4.
  • Other minor bugs fixed.

JavaSketchpad Improvements:

  • Sketchpad no longer exports style or label information for objects that JavaSketchpad will never display.
  • Removed numerical instabilities with intersections of some near-vertical lines.
  • Applets containing constructions with hundreds of objects now start many times faster than previously.
  • Applet animation around polygons now works in both directions.
  • Circles constructed by center & radial distance measurement no longer crash applet at startup.
  • Measurements that display "value only" no longer export with a bogus prefix digit (i.e. , show "33" when the correct value is "3").

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