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Version 4.03 Release Notes

Captions can now be resized/reflowed by dragging their lower-right corner. Text Tool now supports "press & drag" to create new caption at a given size.

Mac: Support for Mac OS X is now native; no more "Classic" needed.

Win: Rewrote graphics export (clipboard and Save As), added support for both basic and enhanced metafiles.

Non-ASCII characters (curly quotes, diacritics, etc.) now survive moving from Mac to Windows or from Windows to Mac.

JavaSketchpad no longer becomes upset by non-period decimal point separators or unary negation; displays some calculated expressions better.

Eliminated resize-handle on non-arrow-selectable Pictures.

Derivatives now simplify more aggressively.

Fixed problems pasting multiple lines of copied text into another caption.

Setting Dilate ratio by clicking segments behind dialog now works correctly.

Movement Buttons no longer sometimes momentarily jump back to starting point.

Win: Link buttons containing parent-directory ".." work now on Windows XP, and are less likely to link to old versions of GSP.

Win: Help buttons are now functional in Other Color and Edit Color Menu dialogs.

Mac: Dragging sketch window offscreen no longer obliterates traces.

Mac: Calculator "Delete" button now does a backward delete, not forward.

Many minor bugs fixed.

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