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Version 4.02 Release Notes

You can now plot on a coordinate system the data contained in a table.

You can now copy the data from a table and paste it into Fathom, Microsoft Excel, or other programs.

The "Show Labels Automatically For All New Points" setting in Text Preferences now works properly for all points (including transformed images, Selection-Arrow created intersections, and coordinate system origins and unit points.

Tables redraw properly after a row is removed using the minus key from the keyboard.

Pressing a matched object in the Script View during Step-by-Step play now highlights the matched object in the sketch.

Pictures moved from Windows to Macintosh and back can now be copied and pasted to other applications

(Mac)  Dashed near-straight arcs are now displayed properly.

(Mac)  Selected circle, arc, and polygon interiors no longer obscure labels.

(Mac)  Saving files to a file server no longer fails if the user doesn’t have write access to the root volume.

(Mac)  Fixed a problem in which networked servers didn’t allow multiple launches of Sketchpad in certain situations.

(Windows) Moving or renaming the Sketchpad application no longer creates problems when double-clicking in Explorer windows to open sketch files.

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